Restoring St. Swithins Church Gate Thorley Isle of Wight

Started work today on the church gate, not sure of its age but it has hand made nails and hinges, more research required to determine its age.

Recutting the mortises before making new bars, middle and top, some rot so making the removal of the old tenons tiresome  but I do not wish to make a new gate as this would ruin the whole charector of the work.


Breakfast bowls or cups

I have recently made some cups/bowls, they are made from spalted hornbeam which is a lovely dense wood similar to beech.

These are for you open canoe trips and remind me of Ray Mears when he fashions a bowl or spoon from timber found on an expeditions, looks very simple as he gouges one out with an axe, I am still perfecting this a abilitie so mine are made on a lath and carved with modern chisels.

They will be on sale in Lymington but can be ordered by mail at £25.00 to include postage, I only take cheques or bacs, please email if you wish to use this method.



A small book that I have just come across. Worth a read.

British Native Trees, Their Past and Present uses this includes a guide to burning wood in the home.

by Piers Warren.

You may think that you know all about this but there are some interesting nuggets of information to be found in the book.

Web Sites

If you have been used to my old wix site, then welcome to WordPress.

My old site was becoming more difficult to update using my iPad so changes need to be made. I will be publishing more information here, so please check back



Latest spoons in lime, great for eating from or measuring.

Still getting used to WordPress .

The dates at last

April  22nd 2017 at the Masonic hall Lymington

June 17th at Lymington


Out to the workshop to finish some pen projects, that’s as long as I do not get blown down the road, Doris is doing its best to batter the Island today.

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