7mm Twist pen photo.


Latest pens and pots

Thank you all who came to the open studio events, it was great to meet new customers.
I now have some new pens in different woods and some pots in apple.
The pens will cost £15.00 and the pots £55.00.
There will be 4 pots only for sale in this timber and the pens in laminated wood and some imported timbers

fountain pens

I now have a number of pens all turned with exotic timbers, I never mind using imported timbers when used in these small amounts.
The use of these timbers makes a very special pen that are either gold or chrome plated.
The pens vary in cost from £65 to £100 depending on the materials used.


Thanks everyone who may have found a brace. After looking around Chale boot fair today I was delighted to purchase a Stanley 923 brace and a number of useful bits.
The 923 is probably one of the best 10 inch braces made with a superb chuck not only that it only cost me £2.00 a definite bargain.
It will be a god send in the workshop making it easier to drive inch size holes.
Looking for an 8 inch version now.

Isle of Wight open studios

I will be opening my studio as part of the open studio event here on the Island.
The dates are July 14/15/16/17 and 21/22/23/ 2017

If you visiting the Island please call in.

St Swithins gate now restored

After a weeks work the church gates are now repaired and working again, they had been rebuilt about 30 years ago but still retain original hand made nails and hinges which I feel come from the original gates that possibly date from the late 19c.

The Church yard is in bloom again Spring is here?

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